house lifting and moving

House Lifting & Moving

Heavy lifting is one of our specialties - from small objects, like rocks and sculpture, to houses and larger buildings. Our team has knowledge of leveling, water (flow) retention and diversion, plumbing/sewer connection, electrical line containment, and earth movement. Some of the most common reasons people lift their homes are flooding issues, to increase basement height, adding another story or to repair a damaged foundation.



Underpinning is a method used to increase foundation depth or repair faulty foundations. This might be the case if you plan to add stories to an existing structure or when the foundation has been damaged.

pin pile

Pin Piles

Pin Piles have many uses. In Seattle, piles are becoming a regular part of foundation installation for new construction - especially on our steep slopes. Pin piles are also a standard tool in structural repair. They are used to shore weakened walls, to underpin foundations, to stop settling, and to raise a foundation back into its original position.



We have extensive experience excavating for projects that include adding a basement to your home, removing earth from a yard to fix water drainage issues, building retaining walls and even making skate parks. We excell at doing complicated, space-constrained excavations.

timber and beam repair

Structural Repair

From leveling commercial floors, to beam replacements, to creating custom steel fabricated supports, to raising and leveling foundations, we have myriad solutions for your structural repair project.

concrete stairs

Concrete Work

We have experience building concrete foundations, stairs, retaining walls and flatwork, such as driveways and even playgrounds!


Drainage & Waterproofing

In collaboration with the Geotechs and waterproofing partners we work with, we have solutions to fix your drainage and waterproofing issues, from excavation of earth in order to fix leaks in foundations, rerouting of drainage to maximize efficiency and to applying various waterproofing systems to foundations.

salmon sculpture


Because of our unique problem solving skills, community involvement and love of the arts, we have been involved in several park projects and commercial projects, that involve using rock and steel.